bridal shower trends

We were recently interviewed by GateHouse Media for an article about bridal shower trends. Below is a recap of the trends and tips that we shared…

Looking ahead at the 2011 wedding trends, we are going to see bridal showers straying from the traditional and old-fashioned. Showers are more relaxed, casual and fun. And just like weddings, showers are becoming more personalized and unique. Here are some of the big bridal shower trends for 2011:

Jack & Jill or Couple Showers – These days, men are more involved in the wedding planning process, which has lead to the co-ed Jack & Jill Shower. It’s important to make sure that the bride and groom feel comfortable with this trend before you start planning one. These showers are relaxed and feel more like a cocktail party, making it the perfect setting for mingling and giving guests an opportunity to get to know each other before the big day. Jack and Jill showers are about the couple, so think about some of their favorite things when planning. For example, a great locale is the couple’s favorite restaurant or the place they went on their first date.

Activity Showers – Ladies are tired of the traditional shower, where you watch the bride to be open presents for hours on end. This has lead to the new trend of activity showers. When deciding on the activity, simply think about the bride and what she likes to do. If she is a beauty maven, a day at the spa is the perfect spot for her shower. What’s more relaxing than a spa lunch with your favorite gals, followed by chair massages, manis and pedis? If she is sporty, then bowling and pizza is fun and different choice. For the more sophisticated palate, a trip to the local vineyard for wine tasting is a great activity.

Learning Showers – The learning shower is a great way to incorporate an activity into a more traditional shower. For the foodie bride, have the chef from the bride’s favorite restaurant teach a cooking class. For the wine lover, have a local sommelier give a class on wine pairing. Put on your dancing shoes and learn some new steps… perfect to show off on the big day. You can have a florist teach the ladies flower arranging. Learn to knit or crochet. The options are endless.

Two Little Bird Tips – When planning a bridal shower, just remember these simple tips:

1. Think about who will be attending and what they will like, not just what the bride would like. It will keep guests happy and enthusiastic about the day.

2. Showers don’t have to be a surprise anymore… many brides would prefer to know the date of their shower so they can look the way they want and make sure they are on time.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask the bride what she would like and how she envisions her shower!

Happy Planning!

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