how to throw an age appropriate wedding

We were excited to help our friends at Love Toast with their write up on how to throw an age appropriate wedding.

“Women are getting married later these days and many are struggling to plan the wedding that fits who they are today, not decades ago when they rehearsed their dream wedding with Barbie and Elmo. The big day is about the couple, so there are no rules that need to be followed, but if castles and carriages are no longer the vision, here are some tips to help throw an age appropriate wedding.

Let go of traditions: The beauty of being older is that you are more comfortable in your own skin and much more confident when it comes to speaking up. You don’t have to do what everyone else wants. “You can forego many age-old traditions that are upheld ‘just because’ if they don’t suit you and your fiance and how you envision your day,” says Caroline Covelli and Jaclyn Fisher, Co-Owners of Two Little Birds Planning.

Make some cuts: You don’t have to have a large bridal party, or any if that’s what you choose. Same goes for your guest list, says Caroline and Jaclyn, “Don’t worry about having everyone from the college circle or from your first job if they are no longer a part of your life. Invite only those that mean the most to you.”

Click here to read more.

images via love toast

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