christina on picking the perfect venue

Christina and Nate
Wedding Date: October 26, 2012

How They Met:
We both lived in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia and met at a local bar/restaurant where I worked. We were friendly for a few years and would bump into each other here and there. After he didn’t see me for a while, he tracked me down on facebook to finally make a connection.

How He Popped the Question:
We got engaged in front of World Cafe Live in April 2011. We went there on our 3rd date to see a show. It was a significant night because that’s when we both realized we found someone special. When we walked up to the venue in April 2011 (over 1 year after that special date) and Nate handed me the ticket that he had kept all that time. He then got down on one knee to propose. After I got over the shock, I walked into World Cafe Live to find all of my family and friends there waiting to celebrate!

Christina on Picking the Perfect Venue:
Most girls have thought about their dream wedding as soon as they were old enough to speak the words “I do.” They have a picture of Prince Charming in their head and a vision of the perfect day — Unfortunately, I was not one of those girls. While getting engaged was the most wonderful experience of my life, beginning to think about the details of planning a wedding was very overwhelming to me. Everyone tells you picking the venue is the hardest part, but once you set your place and date, everything else will easily fall into place. When other brides would say, “You’ll just know when you walk into a place, this is where your wedding should be,” I thought to myself, there is no way it will be that simple for me. Well it turns out there is a fairytale ending for even us non-believers!

When I walked into Tendenza I had an immediate feeling of happiness instead of the stress and anxiety I felt when visiting other venues. All of a sudden the vision I was never able to have became clear. Even my Prince Charming was smiling and nodding as we were walking through, instead of his usual look while touring other places… a mixture of confusion and boredom. I never thought I would be one to speak these words, but we picked Tendenza because… I just knew.

images via jessica lee and cescaphe event group

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