being a bridesmaid

I recently had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid. It was so special standing with one of my best friends on her wedding day. While I’m familiar with wedding etiquette and protocol, not everyone goes to as many weddings as I do. So I thought I’d share some tips on being a bridesmaid.

1. Most know the rule about not wearing white to a wedding. This also goes for the rehearsal dinner. She may choose to wear white, she may not, but it’s still her time to shine, so avoid a white dress just in case.

2. Write her a little note letting her know how you feel and give it to her while you are getting ready. She knows you care and are over the moon happy for her, but being able to read your kinds words will mean the world to her.

3. And if you aren’t thrilled with something on the big day, keep it to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you think your hair looks bad or your makeup isn’t right. Be positive and happy. This is her day.

4. Smile at all times. You will be in a lot of photos and you’ll be in the background of even more. You don’t want to be shot with a sour look on your face especially when you are supposed to be enjoying the moment and paying attention to the bride and groom (ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, etc.).

5. Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes. It’s a long day and you will be on your feet for most of it. So wear flats or flip flops while you are getting ready and have those shoes handy to slip on between pictures and any other times you are behind the scenes and your feet need a break.

6. Check in on the bride throughout the day and night to see if she needs anything… a bite to eat, a cocktail, a change of shoes. She’ll be so busy talking to guests, dancing, and having fun that she most likely won’t be able to step away to get these things for herself.

image via nino gallego

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