tips for the newly engaged

Newly engaged? Congrats! About 1/3 of engagements happen during the holidays so you’re in good company. We wanted to share some easy tips for getting started and organized. Happy Planning!


1. Create a rough guest list to get an approximate number of guests you’ll be inviting. Be sure to talk to your families to get their input. Your estimated guest count will be important when trying to determine your budget and finding the perfect venue.

2. Create a budget. Even if you’re not sure of the exact number, a range will work here. Think about it, you wouldn’t buy a house, car, or make any type of big purchase or investment without knowing what you want to spend. Why would a wedding be any different?

3. Set up a wedding email account that both you and your fiancé can access. This way you are both in the loop on wedding planning, and all of your correspondences, contracts, etc. are in one place.

4. Set up a registry. Don’t worry about registering for everything now, but make it easy for family and friends who want to buy you an engagement gift.

5. Sit down and talk to your fiancé about the type of wedding you want to have. Do you envision an outdoor ceremony or do you picture yourself getting married in a church? Are you thinking winter, spring, summer or fall? Do you want a wedding that feels modern, traditional, rustic, vintage? It’s important to be on the same page as you begin the planning process.

image via bridget flohe

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