the upper body of your dreams

Hi everyone! Maya here. I am so excited to share my upper body workout that is geared specifically towards getting your bod ready for the big day! I love creating workout plans, especially when there is an end goal in mind, and what better to plan for than a wedding? The majority of wedding dresses are designed to really showcase the shoulders, chest, arms, and upper back. Getting the upper body of your dreams will allow you to rock your wedding dress with confidence, and some added muscle will not only help define your body, but will look great in pics too! Try to do these specific exercises at least twice a week. You can do them all in one day, but might be better at least in the beginning to split them into two days. Don’t be afraid of lifting! It is the secret to a better bod, I promise! Click on the video links for instructions on how to do each workout if you are not familiar with them, and as always PLEASE ask questions! I love helping you out. For more full body workouts, exercise plans, tips on how to eat clean, and more, visit me over at My Life As Maya. Thanks for reading!

Lat Pull Down 3×8 (video here)

Tricep Bench Dip 4×8 (video here)

Chest Supported Row 3×12 (video here)
Keep arms close to your body, start with lighter weight so that you can complete the movement.

One Arm Dumbbell Chest Press 3×8 (video here)
Go heavy! Make sure that you are keep your arms at right angles, do not let your elbows drop.

Standing Overhead Shoulder Press 3×12 (video here)

Tricep Kick Back 3×10 (video here)

Pushups 3×10 with the last set going to failure (video here)
This means instead of doing ten pushups, you will keep going until you literally can not go anymore, i.e. muscle failure. Depending on your level of fitness, there are variations on the pushup. This video covers each of them.

Tricep Pushup 3×8 (video here)
Very similar to a standard pushup but you keep your arms alongside your body instead of bending outwards-focuses on the tricep more than the chest.

Plank (video here)
Go for as long as you can-time yourself! It’s always fun to have a marker to watch yourself progress.  There are also variations, try lifting one leg off the floor for added difficulty once you feel like you have mastered your plank.

Bicep Curl 3×8 (video here)
I prefer to do two dumbbells rather than a straight bar so that I can also do 1-arm bicep curls.

images via my life as maya

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