the do’s and don’ts of using social media at a wedding

I was so excited to be interviewed by Melony Roy, the Social Media Editor of KYW, for a story about social media trends and weddings. You can read the story here or below, and you can listen to the interview here…


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —Is social media invited to your wedding? When it comes to weddings, new do’s and don’ts are emerging about what to share and when. Local wedding planner Jaclyn Fisher planner ideas about the latest trends. Fisher, the owner of Two Little Birds planning, says when it come to social media there are two very different trends. “There are people who are embracing social media, such as the social media concierge who is there to tweet for you, or people give their guests a hashtags so they can keep track of all the photos,” she says. On the flip-side, some couples are opting for “unplugged” weddings. “In a nice way, they let people know that they’d prefer not to have cell phones and they’d prefer that they not take photos. You’re disconnecting, you’re in the moment and you’re present, and you don’t have the phone in front of you trying to grab that shot.” When its comes to etiquette, Fisher says the best rule to follow is not to post any photos of the bride and groom until after the ceremony. “Don’t take that photo of her as she’s about to walk down the aisle and post it, let her have that moment. Let them enjoy the ceremony and then after take to social media.” Another social media trend popping up at weddings is using things like live-streaming or Skype for guests who could not attend.

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