same sex marriage and wedding planning

I was honored to be interviewed and featured in this story by Justin Udo of KYW Newsradio about same sex marriage and wedding planning. You can read the story here or below, and you can listen to the interview here…


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Since 2013, twenty-one states have legalized same sex marriage. So now the wedding planning industry is looking at a whole new market to service and satisfy.

Same sex marriage is now legal in more than 30 states, Pennsylvania and New Jersey included. With this new development, many in the wedding planning industry are trying to figure out how to reach these new potential customers.

“Be aware of your website and make sure that it doesn’t indicate that you’re only marketing to couples that are male and female.”

Christiane Lehman with Truly You Events in Philadelphia says the wedding planning industry in this area has yet to see a boom in business for same sex marriages, but now it’s important to take everyone into consideration.

“I don’t think that the law changed and that suddenly everyone was rushing to get married. Like any couple, gay couples are taking their time and planning a special day that suits their personalities. Now that the laws are different I think that the wheels are turning and the plans are starting to come together.”

But Jaclyn Fisher with Two Little Birds Planning says the wedding industry is starting to take note of its new market.

“One thing I have noticed is the increase in websites services and events marketed specifically to same sex couples.”

Fisher says since it’s still early on so she, too, has yet to see a large influx in same sex customers.

“When same sex couples were given the right in May, a lot of long time couples jumped at the chance to get married. They did so really quickly, since they didn’t necessarily need a wedding planner. I didn’t see a boom, but as same sex couples are getting engaged and planning weddings I am definitely seeing an increase in inquires.

Lehman and Fisher agree that they expect 2015 to be a big year for those in the wedding planning industry who work with same sex couples.

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