blueprint registry

Overwhelmed by the task of putting together your wedding registry? Stress no more! We have found the perfect solution. Meet Blueprint Registry. blueprint registry - two little birds planning blueprint registry - two little birds planning blueprint registry - two little birds planningBlueprint Registry is the convenient and innovative way to build a custom registry. Couples can start the process by registering for a free profile on the site. This is where you can create your dream home, room by room. Next, shop around with top retailers, as well as specialty boutique stores. Some popular names include West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma. Can’t seem to find a retailer or piece within the Blueprint online catalog? Simply locate it online and pull the item into your registry through the ‘Add to Blueprint’ button.

Brides and grooms can further customize their registry by adding group gift functions or highlight favorites that they absolutely love. Blueprint offers more than just gifts for the home. You can also include cash gifts through the Experience Room. This gives you the ability to register for a honeymoon fund, date nights, or even your charity of choice.

Blueprint doesn’t stop once the gifts are purchased. Two weeks after your wedding, Blueprint will send you a gift summary and return guide; helping to make thank you cards just a little easier.

images via blueprint registry

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