12 days of christmas workout

Now holiday parties are in full swing complete with food, family, friends, and more food. If you want to burn some calories in between eggnog toasts and trips to the dessert table, check out this “12 Days of Christmas” workout. If you’re not sure how to do a Russian Twist or any of the other exercises, click the links for video tutorials of each. Extra credit for singing along!

12 Days of Christmas Workout

One Minute Plank

Two V-Ups

Three Pushups

Four Sit-ups

Five Tricep Dips

Six Mountain Climbers

Seven Lunges

Eight Jumping Jacks

Nine Russian Twists

Ten Squats

Eleven Burpees

Twelve Leg Levers

Repeat 3x as fast as you can!

image via maria fernanda gonzalez


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