happy valentine’s day!

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.  What should you do to celebrate?  We think the more sentimental, the better.  Save the flowers and the candy, and just spend some time with the one you love.  

Are you dating someone?  Do something fun out on the town, like dinner at your favorite restaurant or where you went on your first date.  Engaged?  Take time away from wedding planning for the night to just be with your fiance and do something together that you love.  Or maybe find your wedding song and practice dancing!  Are you married?  Dance to your wedding song or watch your wedding video together (the highlights!) and remember how wonderful it felt to celebrate your love on your wedding day. 

If there’s not a special someone, go out with friends or family and forget about all the romance (it’s just a hallmark holiday anyway, right?) : )

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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