happy spring colors

Today we’re loving Pantone’s Fashion Color Report Spring 2011.

Pantone, “the global authority on color,” visits New York Fashion Week every September to bring us the color trends of the upcoming season. After speaking with the designers and seeing their collections, Pantone puts together this fun report, chock full of inspiration, bright colors, and sexy sketches.

Here are the top new hues that we’ll see in fashion, marketing & advertising, oh and of course… weddings!

Regatta, blue curacao, and coral rose evokes thoughts of sun-soaked destination weddings. We see whimsical fairytales with peapod and honeysuckle accents throughout. And nature-inspired gatherings of russet and beeswax. Silver cloud and silver peony creating the most romantic affair. The possiblities are endless because the colors are so beautifully interchangeable.

Get inspired ladies! Your wedding day style starts with the colors.

image via pantone.com

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