love me do

We had so much fun visiting the Love Me Do Photography studio last month. We had met Amanda, Carina, and Nadine at Lovesick in January and we had to reschedule our first get together because of the snow.

The studio was grand and such an amazing palette for their work, with showcased photos in vintage frames lining the walls,  wide open hardwood spaces, a long bench to chat around, and lovely tea and cookies.

We were intrigued to hear all about their passion for photographing weddings, and how they work so well with one another.  Brides get to choose who they prefer to work with- Carina/Amanda or Nadine, based on their personal tastes and different styles of shooting.  Though slightly different in style, these photographers each come from fine art photography backgrounds, with the same goal to capture moments in a photojournalistic approach, but with a fine art sensibility.

Check out their portfolios:

We love how they explain the entire process so that the bride and groom know what to expect in working with them.  Their approach, in their own words, is to take photographs that narrate a story of the entire day, while portraying their subjects as genuine as possible.

images via Love Me Do Photography

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