More couples are living together before their wedding day, meaning they already have a lot of the things for their home, the things that wedding registries are made of.

Honeyfund offers friends and family the option of helping the bride and groom celebrate their wedding by making the honeymoon that much more special.  Guests can choose specific items to pay for on their trip.  Consider a honeymoon tour of Italy:

A rail ticket from Venice to Rome- $45 x 2

A hotel stay in Florence- $100

Gondola ride through the Venetian canals- $100

Dinner at La Giostra- $120

Tour of the Vatican Museum- $40… the options are endless.

The $$ goes directly to you for your trip, and the website makes it easy to manage tracking gifts and thank you notes.  The best part is that when you are enjoying your Gelato in Venice as you tour the Piazza San Marco, you can think of all of your lovely family and friends that made it possible.


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