lovesick 2013

Two years ago, we were a part of the inaugural Lovesick Expo and have to say that it was one of the coolest wedding events we’ve seen. We met wonderful couples and unique vendors. There was a burlesque show and great music. Lovesick is an earth-friendly, guy-friendly, and same-sex-couple-friendly event. It’s pretty awesome, which is why we’re so excited to participate in Philly’s Lovesick Expo 2013. The Lovesick guys (formerly Hi-Society Entertainment, now Lovesick Inc.) have grown this amazing event, adding a new city each year (Philly, Brooklyn, and Boston). Tickets are available online for $6.5o each or $10 at the door. Check out for more information and a list of participating vendors. See you on January 13th!

Lovesick Expo

image via lovesick expo

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