sweet peas & anemones

Last week I spent about two hours at the Collingswood Book Trader looking for charming books for our table at Lovesick Expo. It wasn’t that I was having a hard time finding what I wanted, it’s just something about book stores and libraries that makes it so easy to lose track of time. I started chatting with the owner and telling her about Two Little Birds. Next thing I know, she’s introduced me to the talented florist Michael Bruce, and I’m next store at his beautifully renovated movie theater turned floral studio planning for Lovesick. He graciously took the time to show me which flowers would be available from his suppliers and some images of past work for inspiration.

Fast forward to last night. The flowers had arrived and Michael invited me to stop by to take a look. He showed me the gorgeous purple sweet peas, anemones, roses…and gasp…carnations!  I’ve never been a big fan of carnations, and I know I’m not alone, but after seeing some of the beautiful colors and ways they can be used, I’d decided to keep an open mind. In fact, they are actually making a major comeback for a few reasons…they’re easy to work with, versatile,  fragrant, long lasting, and come in amazing colors.






And look at this beautiful purple color! Have you ever seen such a pretty carnation? Discovering these and other new hues was definitely a highlight of my trip. These gorgeous dusty pink roses are perfect for antique-inspired wedding.






After a lovely evening of good company and sweet blooms, it was time to say goodbye to Michael and my flowers (that’s them in the flower fridge). Check back next week to see how everything came together!

xo, J

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