homemade candy cane sugar scrub

If you have a Pinterest account (which I assume that you do), you’ve probably seen a million adorable DIY and homemade holiday gifts. But as we all know, a lot of Pinterest projects have potential for failure (see here, here, and here) and can get costly with supplies. As I was trying to come up with a cute homemade gift, I came across scrubs, which were perfect since I found some small mason jars in my basement. I found that a lot of the “recipes” call for things that aren’t at your local store and I was feeling too impatient to order things from Amazon. So I tweaked and combined a few to make this festive and sweet candy cane sugar scrub. It’s crazy easy to make and uses ingredients that I already had at home (or that you can pick up at any grocery store).

candy cane sugar scrub - two little birds planning

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub
2 cups of granulated white sugar
1/3 cup coconut oil (use a refined coconut oil since unrefined coconut oil has a strong coconut smell and taste)
12 candy canes
a few drops of peppermint extract
4 oz. mason jars
red baker’s twine
sticker labels

1. Put sugar in a large mixing bowl.

2. Unwrap candy canes and put them into a ziploc bag. Crush candy canes with rolling pin until fine.

3. Melt coconut oil in microwave at 50% power for about 30 seconds.

4. Slowly pour coconut oil into sugar bowl and stir as you pour.

5. Add crushed candy canes and peppermint extract to sugar and coconut mixture. Stir well. Go light on the peppermint extract so the alcohol smell doesn’t overwhelm.

6. Put candy cane sugar scrub into mason jars. Wrap jar lid with twine and add label. Happy gifting!

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